Did you know that many Insurance companies do not cover you in your personal vehicle with standard personal car insurance to drive for Uber, Lyft and other Rideshare Companies? Uber & Lyft liability coverage is intermittent according to the times the app is on or off, if you are available or en route.  Whether you drive in Hamden or anywhere in Connecticut, you should call to your Insurance Agent to see if you are properly insured.  As an Uber or Lyft driver, you must inform your insurance agent of your rideshare driving to avoid termination of your insurance policy. If you cannot find Rideshare insurance, you will need Commercial Insurance to be fully insured. 

According to Nerdwallet, if you are a delivery driver or drive for one of the rideshare companies and earn money while doing it, you need Rideshare Insurance. Every company is different, and you really need to read the fine print. For example, according to Nerdwallet, Grubhub and Instacart don’t provide any car insurance, but you’ll need your own coverage to drive for them. However, DoorDash will offer liability only while the food you are delivering is in your car.

Rideshare Insurance is not a stand-alone insurance policy. It is a coverage that is added onto your personal auto insurance. It is your responsibility and to your benefit to find coverage that fills in the gaps. Even if your rideshare company offers full coverage during all phases of the job, before, during and after requests, your personal auto insurer could drop you if you don’t disclose that you use your car to make income.


Have a conversation with your Insurance Agent

At Street Smart, we’ve had these conversations with our insureds. When you purchase a policy from us, we want you to have the best coverage available to suit your most valuable possessions.  We don’t want you to be left stranded in your time of need and the best way we can do that is having an open line of communication and expressing your insurance needs and concerns to us. 


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