Street Smart Insurance Agents in Hamden

2662 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518

Street Smart Insurance Agents in Hamden

2662 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518

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We've been around for 35 Years . . .

Street Smart has been around for 35 years

We've been helping clients choose the right insurance plans for 35 years and we don't plan to stop anytime soon.  Our licensed staff has over 100 combined years of experience in the insurance industry and is eager to not only quote your business to see if we can save you money, but also review your policies to ensure you are insured properly!

A Price Driven World...

We get it...everyone hates overpaying for insurance. That's why we quote multiple carriers to find you the best price. But our philosophy is to always offer the right coverage to the customer, not just the lowest price. We will never quote an insured a price that we don't believe has the right coverage for them, even if it means we won't be the lowest priced.

Street Smart has been around for 35 years
Street Smart has been around for 35 years

Do the Right Thing

This is the number one mission of our parent company, CreditGuard Corporation. When we quote your insurance, if you currently have adequate coverage and a lower price, we'll tell you just that and urge you to stick with what you got. What do we get out of it? We hope you'll ask us again next year.

How We Help

Street Smart provides a free quote


Let us Quote  your insurance.  Quotes are free, there is no obligation to purchase and hopefully we can save you some money!

Street Smart reviews your current policy


Let us do a policy review.  Has it been awhile since a licensed agent reviewed your insurance coverages?  As your household and your life changes, so should your insurance!

Street Smart's personal, commercial and life specialists can help


Not sure what type of insurance you need?  Not sure how much insurance you should purchase?  Let our personal, commercial or life specialist discuss your options.

Find out about our Red Car Concierge approach.

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Located in Hamden, we provide insurance coverage to individuals, families and businesses throughout Connecticut.

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2662 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518



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Our Parent Company

StreetSmart is a Brand and Official DBA of CreditGuard Corporation, a Connecticut Corporation.